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Post by Admin on Thu May 26, 2016 4:18 pm

Dragons in this world are known for their unending pursuit of power and growth, and all paths eventually lead to one action. Ascending. There are different methods of ascending that have their own benefits and flaws, but all ascendant procedures have a certain few outcomes. The dragon will be faster, stronger, larger, and wiser than before. Will you ascend? How will you ascend? This quest may shape your entire destiny.

Epic Evolution- Due to a long arduous line of quests and struggles, a dragon reaches a destined point in it's life and power where it literally evolves. Becoming an Epic Dragon. Powerful, fast, wise, and massive. They develop another breath weapon and a sheen of energy covers their scales giving them a gentle glow.

Dracolichdom- Either with their own significant magical power, or with the help of the mysterious Cult of the Dragon, a dragon leaves behind this basic mortal coil and achieves ageless power by becoming a dracolich, arguably the most feared form of undead in the world. They now can not be killed unless their  phylactery is destroyed.

Pseudo-Godhood- Your devote and driven worshipers have grown in number, you feel divine power flooding your veins and suddenly you know it to be true. You are a divine entity in flesh. You have become a god, with immense unrivaled magical power and resistance to a significant amount of damage. If you are killed, your worshiping minions may sacrifice a significant group of their own number to bring you back.

Divine Uplifting- You have given yourself to the service of a god so fully, they have felt the need to reward you and uplift you to becoming their right hand, an avatar and champion of their power in the world, throwing forth their judgement through your claws and breath.

Planar Absorption- You have found, or created, a rift into another plane and absorbed so much of it's power that you are now permanently connected to that plane's energies, it's power courses along and tints your scales a color associated with that plane, and your breath weapon is augmented with it's power.  

Vampirism- Whether by a spell or somehow ingesting vampire blood then dying, you have awoken as a vampiric being in this world. You can not go into the sunlight unless you have a special amulet made for such a feat. But you can now polymorph when you could not before ((or more if you could)) and any thing, including other dragons, that you bite and hold onto long enough for your vampiric venom to leak into their system will become a completely willing ((if not slightly dim)) thrall.

Dragon Rod Assimilation- If by some chance you find a way to actually obtain the fabled Dragon Rod, the magical artifact that mixed the eggs of a Hellfire wyrm and a Shadow dragon to make the Shadowfyre breed, and you use your draconic power and knowledge to increase it's power, you gain an unholy power. The ability to assimilate a living dragon, and become a hybrid. You can do this continually making yourself an incredibly powerful aberration of nature.

Outsider Godhood- Normally becoming an outsider, by absorbing the blood and essence of an Outsider and becoming tied more to your soul, doesn't give you much more power than a angel or power demon. But, if one drinks in the blood and essence of an Outsider, along with absorbing the powerful energies of multiple planes, one may become an Outsider Deity. As you are not truly a god, you do not need followers to keep your now immense power, BUT gaining followers will not grant you more power.

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