Introduction and General Dragon Types

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Introduction and General Dragon Types Empty Introduction and General Dragon Types

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The world is named Arlia, it is a world of magic and wonder, but even the most beautiful worlds are marred by the shadow of warfare and death. While the world is populated by all manner of creatures from the nobles elves and the clever humans, to the brutal orcs and goblin hordes, the world's biggest, most majestic, and most powerful creatures are the Dragons. Huge flying reptilian beings of such power and wisdom, their very names are enough to strike fear or awe into the most formidable of heroes. Or thats what it used to be. Dragons haven't been seen for an age of the world and have faded into myth and legend. A powerful spell sealed them in a magical plane created specifically for their imprisonment, but something broke the spell. You are free.

You are a dragon, you may have just reached the ripe age of 150, true draconic maturity, or you may have been an ancient dragon just waking from an age long imprisonment to find your old horde raided and name forgotten. Now is the time to change that, will you work with the small folk of the world to build a new tomorrow, or will you stamp them into submission for what their ancestors did? Will you rule with a just hand or will you be a tyrant? Or perhaps you wish to be a silent guardian, or vengeful visage of death. Or perhaps you event want to just adventure in this new world and see where the winds of chance take you?

All of these choices are yours to make. You are a dragon, and your voice shapes the world. Your claws can raise kingdoms or ruin empires. Your destiny, and this world, are entirely in your hands.

((The following is a list of dragons to give examples for the players, you do not have to go off of the list for the dragons you play))

Chromatic Dragons
The Chromatic dragons are normally of a rather evil disposition, preferring to destroy then to protect, even the few who are good at heart are more anti heroes than your normal hero.

Blue Dragon

Red Dragon

Black Dragon

Green Dragon

White Dragon

Purple Dragon

Brown Dragon

Grey Dragon

Yellow Dragon

Metallic Dragons
Metallic dragons are more often than not heroes and champions of justice, or at the very least don't kill people with reckless abandon.

Silver Dragon

Gold Dragon

Copper Dragon

Bronze Dragon

Brass Dragon

Adamantine Dragon

Orium Dragon

Mithral Dragon

Steel Dragon

Gem Dragons
The Gem Dragons tend to be the most neutral in most accounts, doing what they will when they will it. They can be moral, immoral, or amoral simply depending on the dragon.

Amethyst Dragon

Crystal Dragon

Emerald Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

Ruby Dragon

Topaz Dragon

Obsidian Dragon

Lapis Dragon

Blood Stone Dragon

Extra-Planar Dragons
Few dragons from the outer planes were caught in the spell that trapped dragons in the prison plane, most were just barred from entrance to the material plane.

ShadowFire Dragon-As a dragon of the abyss you have litte care for mortals and being of the material plane, if any, except as servants and food. You were once a lord of the Abyssal planes, commanding legions or at the right hand of a great demon god, but now you are....less. After being torn from the material plane an age ago you have been thrown back into a world that doesn't know you...and no longer fears you. You have the power to change that, rebuild your shadowy legions and demonic armies and march forth into the world and carve your kingdom from the flesh of your enemies.

Arboreal Dragon

Astral Dragon

Axial Dragon

Chaos Dragon

Beast Dragon

Battle Dragon

Ethereal Dragon

Concordant Dragon

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