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A new tale begins Empty A new tale begins

Post by A'Khan on Sat May 28, 2016 3:21 pm

A'khan looks out from the cave mouth pondering his next move. After hundreds of years, surely the people he  once knew and taught would have forgotten about him. Showing up unannounced would be, at best, rude and at worst would cause a panic. Simply arriving would not due.
"If I were to show up with gifts as I did all those years ago they will likely be a little more welcoming. At the very least they won't think I am there to steal from them. Books would likely be good for them, something of value as well to show good nature. I should have just the thing."
Retreating back within the caverns A'khan retrieved a large sack that he used to bring toys to the little ones centuries ago and filled it with books about old legends and fairy tales and mathematics and history as well as a collection of statues in his likeness carve of ivory and fine woods. "If only I had retained some food. That would be a fine gift." pleased with his selection, the dragon returned to the mouth of the cave with his treasures and took flight, heading south toward the town below.

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A new tale begins Empty Re: A new tale begins

Post by Admin on Sat May 28, 2016 3:30 pm

The town below was not as large as one might guess, considering how long it has stood. He could recognize the lay out, it must have taken rather consistent time and effort to keep the town maintained and working after such a long period. He would know in his heart, perhaps the people were gone, but the town he had taught and helped remained standing. He may hope some of his own teachings helped that cause.

It seemed no one had seen him just yet, but the town seemed to be rather somber today, as if it were a day of mourning or sadness.

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