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A Hold Stands Firm Empty A Hold Stands Firm

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:20 am

A voice boomed across the massive dwarven fortress, guarding the mountain capital of BlazeHill Hold. “Brother and sisters of the mines! Raise your axes! Raise your swords and shields! Your hammers and your spears! Raise your voices! We, the dwarves of the Blazing Hills, will never fall! For our ancestors! For our honor! Charge! We are dwarves, go and show these ogres and giants and orks why we are so feared!”

The King of BlazeHill Hold, Mil'drucht of house BlazeHill, swung his might hammer above his head and let out a might war cry as all his men did the same and charged forth from their walls.

The Dwarven Hold of Blaze Hill has been overrun, all except a single keep which is being defended bravely by King Mil'ducht and his legion known as the Caith. If they do not get help soon, they will be erased from the maps, and they will fade into memory, only a foot note in history.

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