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S'haireth awakens Empty S'haireth awakens

Post by S'haireth on Tue May 24, 2016 2:19 pm

It was the eve of great battle. I flew over the area we arranged for our ambush. It was a good location, a narrow stretch of road amidst the rolling hills. Many months went into planning this assault, tracking the movements of the corrupt king, baiting out his fores into small skirmishes to whittle them down. And finally, tomorrow would be the coup de grace, the wicked monarch would be felled and Sigfried, my first friend and greatest ally would finally achieve the dream we had worked on for 10 years, a country where the subjects would be cared for and protected, not abused and betrayed like they had been in the old system. I look down and spot a flame in the grassland. Curious, none of the troops should be out this far, and the old kings forces should be still further out, not to arrive until the next day. I swooped lower to get a better look. Now I see it is no mere campfire, but a great flame, surrounded by thousands of orks and goblins, geared up for battle. My mind instinctively reached out to Sigfried, to warn him of this new peril, but suddenly the sky above me shook violently, sending me falling. Before i crashed into the ground, there was a bright flash of light, and suddenly I was elsewhere, surrounded by others of my kind. None of us new what had happened, how we arrived in this eerie plane of shifting colors. However we all recognized one thing instinctively, there was no way we could return to where we had been.

The passage of time had no relevance in that place, and many of my kind decided to spend the immeasurably long span of it as they often do, in hibernation. However I was plagued by thoughts of my comrades, who had no idea of the peril before them. My guilt made me an insomniac in that place of perpetual dreams. Why had I not tried harder to contact Sigfried, to warn them? Now all of them, the Heroic Sigfried, the wise Girin, the jovial Flambee would all be in danger. These thoughts tormented me as what felt like an eternity crept by. However, at some point, even my guilt could not rob my mind of it's need for rest, and at some point, my consciousness fled me.

I awoke in a field much like the one I had flown over before being locked in that damning prison. My mind reached out, calling or Sigfried, but it was met with silence. I looked at my surroundings, and saw a small green creature approaching me. It was a goblin. My body was immediately filled with rage, and without giving it time to flee, I lunged at the hated thing, my golden scales glistening. It was soon no more than a pile of bones and skin. I stretched out my body, longer than I remembered, and  took to the air. I would find out what happened to my comrades, and if an ill fate had befallen them, I would seek out my vengeance.


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