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Native Arlian Deities Empty Native Arlian Deities

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Native Arlian Deities

The gods of the multiverse number in such grand amounts, from Pelor to Bane, and from Mishkal to Chemosh. They are present on Arlia, they have been for the pas two thousand years, building religions and gaining followers, their temples sprouting up across the world. But Arlia has her own pantheons, her own deities that have been here since the beginning. Why they weren't known to the multiverse before is unknown, and why they still choose to remain solely here is a mystery. But it is known some of the deities who reside here are powerful and dangerous beyond imagining, just another reason why Arlia is such a mysterious place.

Deities of Light
The gods of light, standing as a shield against the shadows that swirl around Arlia, cutting like blades against the darkness that bubbles up from the evil planes. The Pantheon of Light Arlian gods is powerful, and cares for all the living beings of Arlia.

Ashian- Goddess of Hospitality and Healing
Saveth- God of Justice
Luthus- God of the moon and dreams
Suiralos- Goddess of the Sun and rest
Vio- God of Childbirth
Via- Goddess of Marriage
Tsapmet- God of Weather
Terasia- Goddess of nature
Firania- Goddess of Harvest
Majathis- God of learning
Meboiz- Goddess of good magic
Mertuns- God of peaceful Death

Deities of Darkness
The gods of Darkness either care little for the people of Arlia, or simply care about their own power and gain over the people's lives. They destroy where the gods of light build, the salt what the light gods plant, and rip what the light god's sew. Whereas the Gods of light work together, this Pantheon seems to mostly tolerate each other, rarely working together unless something big calls for it.

Demos- God of disease
Orvian- God of Vengeance
Dirge- Goddess of Nightmares
Sunfur- Goddess of wildfire and destruction
Rish- God of Violence
Rosh- Goddess of Hate
Sitast- Goddess of Storms
Aturroc-God of Corruption
Avaimin- God of Famine
Atrasa- Goddess of Hubris
Venefia- Goddess of evil magic
Almat- God of murder

Neutral Deities
Very few gods and goddess of Arlia choose to not pick a side in the ongoing struggle between the light and darkness. These deities tend to be more bestial in nature or tend to favor a specific race or group regardless of their actions.

Heili- God of Eurasifa
Volkus- God of the hunt ((and werewolves))
Alunath- God of blood (( and vampires))
Shatha- Goddess of Knowledge

Ancient Deities
These Deities whether or not they are good or evil are so ancient few people worship them anymore, though they somehow still manage to have a hold over their power and life force, much to the confusion of most clerical scholars.

Gozen- The War Lord, a god of war, power, lust, and warriors
Olidian- The Old God, a god of protection, battle, and order
Taigen- The Infection, a god of Nothing
Tine- The Blue Flame, an ancient Neutral god, the patron of an ancient order of Druids

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