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Independent faction locations Empty Independent faction locations

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Over Watch: A group of people who are not associated with any specific religion, nation, or race. They are elite warriors, mages, ranger, any who who has a skill for combat and passes the rigorous tests to join. They protect the weak and hunt down evil on the surface of Arlia. Their current leader is Paladin Alaric Reiner, an imposing figure on the battlefield with heavy plate armor and a large war hammer, blessed directly by an ancient god named Olidian who is rarely worshiped anymore.

Lords of Iron: A group of mercenaries with no allegiance to the light or darkness in the world, founded by former members of the group Over Watch. They match Over Watch in skill and ferocity, but instead of offering their services for the good of the world, they give their skills to those with the most gold. They are currently lead by the half tiefling half black dragon blooded Shōugē zhě, who boasts significant power as a battle mage.

Cult of The Dragon: A mysterious cult that has only recently made itself known, though their numbers suggest they have existed for years. They worship Chromatic dragons and any other dragons of an evil nature. Their patron gods being Tiamat, Faluzure, and Garyx. ((dark and evil dragon gods)) They are led by the evil Necromancer Sammaster, a powerful fallen champion of a goddess of light. They have unlocked the secrets of Dragon Lichdom, creating Dracoliches.

Independent faction locations Arlia_10

Light Red: Over Watch Base

Dark Red: Lord of Iron Base

Black: Reported Cult Activity

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