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Blue Dragon whereabouts unknown
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"Darilith! Their here, they killed all of them!" The young blue dragon shouted to his mentor

The massive blue shifted and stood with an angry sneer, his crippled wing hanging limp next to him "I will NOT lose my hoard again, nor let them take our home. Not again.."

He walked to the front of the cave and saw the carnage, 20 blues lay dead and an army of elves and tieflings led by four silver metallics was marching on his cave. Ten of his loyal blues gathered around him and roared their defiance. Darilith roared with them, if he was going to die, he would do so with honor and glory. He stepped forward and barred his teeth and shooted "I AM DARILITH, RIDER OF THE STORM AND BLUE REAPER! TURN NOW OR PERISH!" The elves and tieflings looked frightened by the ancient blue, but the dragons were determined and kept moving forward.

Just as he was about to launch forward, he felt something pull against him. He looked around every dragon near him felt it as well. "No....NO! Not again! I will not lose again!" He tried to resist the magic, resist it's pull. The last thing he heard were the other dragon's yelling just like he was, and then he was gone. His home free to be pillaged by the mortals....again.

He shifted his great mass, and his eyes shot open. He looked around, and instead of the infernal walls of the damnable prison he had been trapped inside of for gods know how long he saw the walls of his cave and for a moment he felt something rise in his gut...was it joy? But it was quickly shattered, he had been gone too long. His horde was gone again, his friends dead or scattered, his left eye and wing were still crippled and he had to start over..again.

He stood and shook his massive body and walked to the entrance of his cave, seeing it was now in the arctic region of the world. He must have been gone thousands of years for this mountain to be covered in snow like this. His eyes began to glow blue and a lightning storm began to snap and ignite in the air surrounding his mountain lair and he opened his mouth to roar, lightning crackling along his teeth like fire.

He let out an earth shattering roar, echoing across miles and miles of northern arctic land. Lightning shooting from his mouth as he did it, the power and heat of the lightning melted the snow around him as it flashed from his body.

In his rage filled roar his spoke "I AM DARILITH, THE BLUE REAPER, RIDER OF THE STORM! I HAVE RETURNED AND ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE ME WILL BURN LIKE THE WORMS THEY ARE!" A ancient scourge had re awoken, Darilith, one of the oldest and most powerful chromatic dragon in the world was back and angry.

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