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Post by Strahmeyun on Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:37 pm

The crack of his shell was swallowed by the scream of the winds through the mountains. Yet the growl of the father who saw the lame wings penetrated above the howls as a dull rumble, imbued with violence, that rolled across the peaks. The mother was silent. Lifetimes of men passed in the bowels of the mountain as the mother of Strahmeyun bellowed out all the long knowledge of the dragons, deep and doom-riddled. The dragon's roar called upon the professors and mystics of dwarves, then men, then elves.

Strahmeyun spoke no words, only listened, listened for one age and another. The young dragon learned the power of flight without wings, and broke free from the mountain. He sought the stacks of may libraries and consumed their stores until every page was exhausted, and powerful forces of magic enters his mind and thoughts, though no words did he utter.

A vastly prolonged life, even for a dragon, overwhelming powers of persuasion, and the ability to bend the forces of nature came to him. When all written knowledge of voice, pen, and rune had been devoured, Strahmeyun delved into the sea to learn its secrets until he reached the bottom, then rested in the forest until he was entwined in thick overgrowth and trees matured and grew roots around him. When all the forest and its lore was revealed to him, he broke free, and returned to him home atop the mountain. The winds spoke to him, and he became still, over time coming to resemble the stone and the ice.

Strahmeyun became a silver dragon of some note, becoming a teacher to the sagely and ambitious among the warm-blooded races.  Dozens of them labor to construct his ever-growing library, and still more live and contemplate in a monastery in Strahmeyun's honor. And when he speaks, men and elves and nature listen.
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