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Post by A'Khan on Fri May 27, 2016 5:34 pm

Name: A'Khan
Species: Brass Dragon
Age: 1,548 Years
Breath: Cone of Sleep Gas
Alignment: Lawful Good

Shelf after shelf line the walls and span the granite halls of the cavern deep beneath the earth with nothing stirring but a faint wind intermittently pushed and pulled through the complex maze of tunnels. Deep within, at the bottom of the structure lies an enormous room, lined with furs, carpets and tapestries ad holing dozens of chairs and sofas before large tables topped with scrolls, books and oil lamps. The Dragon A'khan once walked these halls debating, discussing and teaching the humans that lived below. to them he was a father, a teacher, a friend and a sage. He loved the people who lived in that town whom he protected and instructed in all matters. Over his years he had watched families grow before his very eyes. Hundreds of generations rose and fell before him. He laughed and at times even cried with these people. They were his family. Now, he lies silent below the town, sleeping now for centuries. No longer.

With a jolt, The Dragon A'khan's head jumps from the floor, scanning the empty chamber before him. All was i place. The statues, relics and globes, even the golden lamps stood where they were left. Turning his head, he struck a single talon along a strike-stone set within the hearth, igniting the brimstone therein that carries the flame through the tunnels to light the path he is to take. Stretching,  the old dragon leaves his mat and ascends the corridors, taking stock of his collection to ensure that all is in place. Contented, he climbs to the foyer and his front door which he had sealed centuries before for a night that lasted much longer than it should. With a heave the rock is displaced, letting in the fresh air and a stream of blinding sunlight. What wonders await after centuries of sleep? Of this, A'khan could not be certain, but wheat he did know was that the anticipation Rustled his scales with excitement. He smiled, it was as though he was a hatchling again. Now was his time to teach an be taught once more. He looked South to Eurasifa and the town he once knew and prepare his next move.
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