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Tome of Lucaerys  Empty Tome of Lucaerys

Post by Lucaerys on Fri May 27, 2016 2:45 am

Name: Lucaerys
Species: Shadowfire
Age: 250
Breath Weapon: Shadowfyre
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil

The sky roared with thunder above, the ground wept as blood stained its earth, the winds howls drowned out the distant screams of terror.  The humans had mustered their forces in a keep nestled underneath his mountain range.  There they had gathered their finest warriors, archer, and mages for the battle that was to ensue.  His descent was swift, brutal, as a gust of shadowfyre burnt through the leading warriors he soared into the sky with a demonic roar, this was his kingdom, his domain, and those who refused to serve would perish and serve him in other ways.  

Men fell to the ground, consumed by the shadows only to rise anew in darkness.  Those men turned on their comrades, killing many before the dragon's next sweep of the keep.  Hundreds of men fell to become his shadow army that surrounded the castle halls.  Lucaerys swooped down, landing on the keep's tallest tower roaring in victory over the human keep but they had not yet lost their will.  His shadows faded, their energy conformed into chains that closed around his neck and drug him to the ground. His body convulsed as it unwillingly changed forms, painfully turning him into what he had sought to enslave.  A human.  He looked up from the ground, human eyes a burning red, to see the arch mages within the keep.  He winced as he rose from the ground, holding the chains wrapped around the flesh of his throat as he carried himself into the keep.  He thrust his other hand into the air, summoning the very shadows from the abyss to his side to form a shadowblade.  A single slash ripped the life from the mages before him but it was already too late, the spell had bound him.  

Cursed to remain in this form, Lucaerys sought out a powerful kingdom, one by which he perhaps would learn the weakness of the magic that bound him.  He served diligently, hateful of the people that made him what he was but reliant on their protection and knowledge to break away from this hellish curse.  Hundreds of years passed but eventually he gave up his vengeance against the humans, as he had grown fond of one of their kind.  He stood next to a window, the cold air biting at his flesh as the sky broke open.  The shadow chains around his neck tightened, choking him as he stumbled through the keep toward her.  He reached out to the door where she lay behind giving birth to their child when the magic surged through the air, ripping him from this realm.  He searched for a way to broke through this prison, but soon fell unconscious, reliving this nightmare over and over again in his dreams.

Dragon Form
Tome of Lucaerys  Dragon10

Shadow Form
Tome of Lucaerys  Ev9mxf10

Tome of Lucaerys  Void_s10

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